Wednesday, June 08, 2016

On your Ed!

It is only when you write Ed Miliband into the equation that you can start making sense of Jeremy Corbyn  and Prime Ministers Questions.
Regular readers will remember how Ed mastered the one step forward-several steps back, approach to PMQs during his five year reign.
Now he is said to be advising his replacement and if today is anything to go by, it’s working.
Recent weeks have been complicated by the referendum since Jeremy wants to face both ways on the vote.
But having come up with the Two-Europe solution last week being for and against membership is now possible.
This was made clear today when the Labour leader launched an angry attack on Europe mark one. 
This Europe was supported by the Tories and therefore opposed by Labour.
Europe mark two, however, was supported by Labour and opposed by the Tories - or at least some of them.
Labour was therefore pro-Labour-Europe but anti-Tory-Europe, he said. 
That meant Labour members could vote for Europe although they might have keep their fingers crossed.
A perfect Ed answer.