Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just now and again Primrose Hill eats itself.

Just now and again Primrose Hill eats itself. 

Actually it is usually more now than again.
Tonight's feast comes via a flyer in the pub. 

An interview between Jon Snow and Andrew Marr - on interviewing. The subject is not discussed by the builders since Ch4 News is still on during drinking hours. 

And Andrew comes in the pub. Jon feels more like a wino - as my dad called non-beer drinkers. And as a former war correspondent, Jon probably feels happier in Camden. 

The arrival of summer in NW1 means social life moving to the pavement. Where once the builders blocked the way to the bar for all but the brave now they block the street. 

Still, locals are comforted to know that their visa's run out at 7pm. By early evening disposable income goes up by several dot-coms as the chosen one returns. This is the one who has chosen to maximise their income in the streets that hath no shame just a chauffeur-driven away. Then it's on with the chino's and out with the workers. 

Bike stealing is not much of a crime 'on the hill' but if anybody ever starts pushchair pilfering millions will be made. Every brand seen in Formula One is seen carrying the inheritors up here. They cannot cost much less.  

Cars are not very big since most should carry a sticker reading "My real car is chauffeured."

Talking of which.......