Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Life runs at a different pace in the new pub.

Life runs at a different pace in the new pub. For instance, April Fools Day lasted until today for those whose builders said they'd work the weekend. 

Politics too may have the nation by the throat but in Primrose Hill it's still only reached the lower thighs. 

There are occasional stirrings. Andrew Marr, who regulars may remember un-remembered me in the last pub, memorably un-remembered me in this one last Thursday. 

The pub, of course, is like Ukip, a politics-free zone. Sadly it is not a conversation-full-of-bollocks free zone. 

You will have noticed that those with opinions based on staring out of a toilet window seem also to have a degree in shouting. Thus we learn nothing about a whole series of subjects whilst losing the will to live. 

Talking of which the man with a dog and an opinion has just arrived. 

Regrettably only the dog is on a lead.