Monday, March 02, 2015

Dog Friendly Pubs, NW1

"Astrology is a useful diagnostic tool", said Tory MP David Treddinick last week before the whips locked him up. 
But, not useful enough, I have to tell him, to foretell the sudden closure of the pub this Friday. 

Readers of the long-running saga of the pubs of Primrose Hill will know of the author and his acquaintances. They will remember how they were hounded from Pub 1 by one-time jokester Harry Enfield who turned their refuge into a buy-to-rent opportunity.

They fled northwards (around the corner in NW1 talk) to Pub 2 to remake their lives - or at least that bit after lunch. But, Harry must have tipped off his mates and now Pub 2 is to meet its maker or at least its re-maker. 

To be fair it was due to close at the end of January but the builders, who vacation there most afternoons, demurred. Using that special calendar that only builders and deliverers of household appliances have, they said end of Jan meant start of March. 

The announcement that this Friday will be the last has sadly ended various plans being discussed by the regulars. 

The announcement that the Smithsonian Museum is to open a branch in the Olympic Park presented one such opportunity. 

A fitting resting place for The Gents was the view of the crowd. An earlier debate that it's marble interior might go to the Greeks in exchange for those nicked by Elgin was voted down. 

So here we are with only days to go -although you can still get odds understandably from the builders. 
It should be pointed out that these builders are not the builders working on the building. 
Those builders use another pub since you can't skive off from the place you work to the place you work. 
Our builders are absentees from other NW1 projects whose local pubs are filled with other builders etc. 

Meanwhile one of the lads says he knows of another pub where he used to spend his afternoons whilst on urgent work for another Harry Enfield. 

It lets in dogs, he says. 

No answer to that.