Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#pmqs #sketch Ho! Ho! Ho!

The season of goodwill passed through the House of Commons yesterday and kept going. It may have been booked for the half hour Christmas special edition of
Prime Ministers Questions.
But variegated insults were the only traditional presents being packaged and presented.

There is nothing like a few days off over the festive season to cheer the workers and the two and a half weeks MPs have are nothing like a few days.

There was some suggestion of festive cheer as the Prime Minister arrived looking like one of those chocolate Santas but it was only a surfeit of sun tan.

Armed with today’s encouraging unemployment figures, Dave entered the chamber to find that even his deputy Nick Clegg had turned up.

Nick has been demonstrating his contempt for his one-time partner by snubbing his shoulder to shoulder appearances at PMQs.
But he was back in his seat today although some suggested he’d failed to make a fast enough break for freedom from the previous session. To be fair he spent the next half hour totally ignoring what was going on.
Which may have come as some relief to Ed Miliband opposite who had every other nutter on the Government benches shouting at him.

Bearing in mind Labour’s recent form - this week’s immigration cock-up - Ed was on remarkable form. 

The Labour leader and his team have been in wherever socialist seventh heaven is since Chancellor George was accused of planning to take the UK back to the 1930’s. This fabled decade has resonance throughout the Labour movement and the charge that Tory cuts would take the size of the state back to those times was manna. The fact that the suggestion came from the George-invented Office of Budget Responsibility made it gift-wrapped in gold.

“It’s back to the 1930’s”, said Ed.

Obviously neither he, nor George, not to mention the PM, have any idea what it was like in the 1930’s but, they have all seen the movies.

The Chancellor was in Dave’s ear for most of PMQs as he tried to head Ed M off. Meanwhile the Labour leader had his own control issues hanging onto the leash of Ed Balls, delighted at the turn of events and snapping at the PM’s ankles.

Grim looks down the Government front bench as those who had turned up for going away presents started to shift nervously.

The NHS was mentioned and Jeremy Hunt looked like he’d just had a colonoscopy. A Tory MP said troop numbers and even more snow seemed to settle on Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s head.

Ken Clarke popped up from history to tell the chamber he had kick-started the present row over the economy when he was last Chancellor back in the 1990’s.

With that decade almost as far away in the imagination as the 1930’s for most MP’s, Ken was roundly ignored and retired once again.

And so Ho! ho! Ho! to all and a reminder that there are only seven days until Christmas - and only 140 to the election!