Monday, November 17, 2014

The interregnum!

It is not often in life that you can declare yourself in an interregnum, so when the opportunity arises, it would be silly to ignore it. 

My pub - by which I mean my present  pub - as opposed to my recent pub which was converted by Harry Enfield into something tax deductible - has been sold. 

The buyers have plans, it would appear, to tred in Harry's footsteps and convert this corner of NW1 into something with even more noughts at the end of it. But, then there is the council and thus the interregnum. 

Before you can make millions in NW1 you need to ask the permission of the people's representatives. Having asked them, you can then ask Eric Pickles- or whoever Harry knows- and ignore them. Thus again the interregnum. 

Until we know what we will become, we are a pub. 

So, next time you are in NW1 pop into the Interregnum, it's next door almost to the Harry Enfield.