Saturday, October 04, 2014

You can say what you like about Nick Clegg, so get going...

You can say what you like about Nick Clegg, so you had better get going before the queue forms. 

Not that the deputy Prime Minister can be blamed for everything but he is a good place to start. 

Until he came to power, the Liberals had happily avoided responsibility for a hundred years. Come an election, their supporters had their buckles undone just enough to cast their votes for the impossible and unattainable. Their leaders, better known for their peccadillo's rather than their policies. But all that changed four years ago when Nick swopped the sackcloth for the chauffeur.  

In came the salaries and out went the policies. Tuition fees went up and party support went down. Now this weekend the party meets in Scotland to plan its future as bed mate to all. 

Party support is now so low that the AGM could have been held in the boot of a Morris Minor. In fact the meeting had to be delayed because it clashed with the vote on Scottish independence. 

Had the Scots actually voted yes then the Lib Dems would have been the first British political party to hold it's annual conference abroad. 

Nick has no idea if he will be around to lead what remain of the faithful if the students in his Sheffield constituency take their revenge. Even Danny Alexander fancies his chances, although that clearly depends on him getting a note from his Mam. 

Four years of disloyalty behind him must rule out Vince Cable who can see a vacancy in the House of Lords quickstep combo beckoning. 

But if the Lib Dems performance is as bad as some figures suggest perhaps the two MPs left could do a job-share, bound to be in the manifesto somewhere.