Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One white wine to midnight.

So here we are, hours before the referendo and they talk of anything but in the pub. 

In pub hours, Thursday is as far away as the moon. 

In fact for one of the builders, here since lunchtime, so is Wednesday. 

Tapping into the national mood via NW1 is never easy.  The preponderance of money always makes the pub a possibly inaccurate place to measure the public mood. 

And, of course - before you say it - we are not in Scotland. But we are near Euston and Kings Cross - which is more than David Cameron can say. 

We also have relatively poor people passing through who we can ask whilst they are working for us. 

The trouble is, of course, that the relatively poor are from anywhere but Scotland. 

Sadly the Scots decided that the considerably-less-than-the-minimum -wage was not for them so we turned abroad. 

If the Scots go independent tomorrow at least we will be able to offer them abroad wages once again.