Thursday, August 07, 2014

Primrose Hill. Eat your heart out.

There not been any plans for a report from the front tonight. Not even after Mick Jagger's appeal to the Scots. 
But your correspondent was forced to his fingers when here - the pub - was outed by Boris on Channel 4 News. 

You already knew from previous dispatches the central part played in Primrose Hill. Now I - and Ch 4 - can reveal the even more central (sorry I'm excited) part it plays in the nation.

The drama unfolded at lunchtime when it came to Ch4 News turn to quiz the blonde haystack over his shock revelation that he was ambitious. Surely enough Old Etonians in the government,  said Cathy Newman obviously expecting to get Boris off guard with this cunning question. 

Not so, said the hirsute buffoon, I am an Old Primrosian. The pub went deathly quiet, or at least it would have done if Channel 4 News had been on. 

Boris revealed that his education had actually begun not 50 feet from the pub front door at a primary school to found in this street. Even as this was being digested he further revealed that not only he, but a certain Ed Miliband was another Primrosian from the same school. 

There are those, normally George Monbiot, who see conspiracies everywhere. He should come to the pub. 
Now Google reminds us that Boris and Ed went their separate ways at 11. 
One people's champion went to Haverstock Comp and the other people's champ to Eton with Dave. 
But, of course, that was only an interregnum.  

Stan Johnson and Ralph Miliband may have had nothing in common apart from big houses in Primrose Hill. But both knew that Oxford existed to re-unite those born to rule and so it was. 

If Dave slips next May, Boris will be in his place before Chancellor George has climbed out if his coffin. 

Meanwhile Ed will be in No 10 and Primrose Hill will be in power for ever. I
That's just the drink talking George.