Thursday, June 05, 2014

Money does not make you happy, but...

The Viscount Aithrie, all 12 years of him, passed out during the Queen's Speech yesterday. He was there with his mates Hugo Bertie, Arthur Chatto and Charles Armstrong Jones. 

It can be reported that the little Viscount recovered swiftly from his faint which came during a particularly boring part of the speech. Indeed several older viscounts probably passed away and have yet to be found under the seats. 

But this piece isn't about the little lad and his mates but what they represent in the year of Our Lord 2014. 

It is a decade now since Greg Dyke described the BBC as "hideously white".
Greg soon got his marching orders and is presently causing trouble at the FA. 
But, what would he have thought yesterday watching the State Opening of Parliament. 
He would have seen an elderly Queen of an elderly commonwealth surrounded by people not only hideously white but hideously posh. 

From the Yeomen of the Guard to Bertie and Chatto not one face to upset even the most extreme member of Ukip.  

Even Black Rod was white. 

In any other democracy the four page boys would have represented the rainbow nation. 

But no Mohammed - without Michael Gove even asking - and definitely no Wayne. 

Is it important, I hear myself ask. 
Well as we mark yet more lows in the involvement of the people in politics, yes it is. 

The Labour Party was to redress the balance and they have forgotten how to. 
Yesterday Black Rod summoned those we elected to the chamber of those we didn't. This demonstrated democracy we are told. Tell that to Hugo and Arthur. 
Apparently their dads had this job when they were 12. Plus ca change, as they say in Hebburn-on-Tyne. 

Our four little boys will learn that money and position does indeed not make you happy - but it does give you far nicer places to be sad in.