Monday, June 16, 2014


I am a Catholic who went to a Catholic school with Catholic teachers. The local priests came regularly to the school and the Catholic Church was literally next door. I was happily taught to be Catholic first and English second - with a touch of Irish thrown in. 

I was taught that marrying a Protestant - or anyone else not a Catholic - was a mortal sin unless they converted or, at least, brought their kids up as Catholics. 

I was a member of the Catholics-only working men's club. 

I knew that all Catholic schools would have the right to appoint only Catholic headmasters and Catholic teachers. I knew they would teach a Catholic syllabus. 

I knew the state would pay for the school even though 90 per cent of the population couldn't ever attend. 

I knew it was my right. 

I was proud to be a Catholic then and I'm generally still proud to be a Catholic now. 

If you swopped the word Muslim for Catholic in all the above you would be denounced by the Daily Mail. 

If we are to take away their rights then let's be sure about our own.