Wednesday, March 26, 2014

LBC Leader's Debate - Swivel Eyed Loons

It was when you saw Kay Burley that you realised the swivel-eyed loons had finally arrived.
Either that, or Sky TV had accepted that LBC’s Nick Ferrari’s public persona was indeed made for radio.

But, whatever the rationale, it was Nick versus Nige as Europe  got an airing for the first - but not the last - time.

And it was hard to work out where the swivel-eyed were as the leader of the Lib Dems and the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party squared up. 

Unkind commentators suggested both parties had brought along all their members to fill the venue booked for the occasion. Others pointed out that here were the two privately educated sons of bankers, both married to foreign wives who had each earned a lot of money out of Brussels.

But, the points of similarity were ignored, as indeed were each other’s arguments, in an hour which spread neither heat nor light.

Nigel emerged as the master of the mega numbers as he warned 485m - repeat 485m - Europeans citizens were poised to pick up bus passes to head for the UK.

Nick, who speaks five foreign languages, used English to mouth a polite bollocks at Nigel’s suggestion.

The audience were allowed an occasional intervention and it was when they did that you realised Nigel’s appeal.

Nick trotted out all the facts and figures but the Ukip boss touched all the emotions
Nigel may well be the man you meet in the pub but, like him facts are not going to affect his opinion.

The Ukip leader did look as if he’d been been botoxed both above and below the lip but it was not enough to stop him sweating.  Meanwhile Nick looked every inch the patrician

Missing of course were the main protagonists Ed and Dave who’d bashed bits out of each other earlier at Prime Ministers Questions.

Ed was apparently too busy watching Coronation Street and Dave was having his hair done.
But had they been watching they would do well to keep worrying about Nige who, according to an after programme poll, had won the contest.