Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ed "not weird" shocker!!!

A shock survey out today shows 59% of the population do not think Ed Miliband is weird - although the other 41% take the more traditional view.

This counter-intuitive or at least a counter-Daily Mail view is based on the rare sighting last night of a nomal person claiming to be the Leader of the Labour Party.
This one smiled, laughed, joked, spoke not in tongues and looked as if his suit fitted him.

To be fair, he was sitting down and therefore unable to demonstrate his mastery of the Mr Bean dance steps.
But, he was also seen to be conducting a conversation in sentences which appeared understandable to the audience on a television programme. Although sadly about politics, the programme did contain enough almost-ordinary people to get some sense of how Ed would come across were he ever to meet any of them.

This rare sighting was even more relevant since, although it is only Tuesday, it's clear that  this is not going to be his week. Already in the doldrums since being wrong-footed last Wednesday over the Budget, his week only got worse when his mates decided to get in on the act.
This, they decided, was the perfect time to remind him not to lose his nerve over Labour's future.

With the general election just a year away and the polls narrowing, squeaky bum time has arrived in earnest.

Ed is now under pressure to spell out all his plans whilst keeping them secret and detailing where the money will come from while not letting Chancellor George and the Tories know. 

They also want a deal drawn up with the Lib Dems whilst pressure to annihilate them is maintained.

And all of this is to be achieved without another rolling of the Ed eyes.
Talking of which, Nick Clegg was in action earlier today at the start of which could be his week - or at least his day and half.

Once a month the House of Commons chamber makes itself available for Deputy Prime Ministers Questions.
This is one of those rare occasions when MPs on both sides of the House can unite in joint contempt.

But, after four years in power even the attraction of this blood sport is apparently waning with only those MPs having their offices done up present. 

Back in the day they could have occupied themselves playing parliamenary eye-spy but the advent of the digital age has brought massive changes.

Now whatever is going on in the chamber can be properly ignored as business is conducted on iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately with his name on the session, the deputy PM could not ignore himself although he did try his best. 

Suffice it to say the session should have lasted an hour but the Speaker woke up long enough to call an end after a long enough 40 minutes.

Meanwhile over in The Hague Dave Cameron spent the morning playing table-top war-games with Obama and a few others at the Nuclear Security Summit.

The Press Association reported that the world had not been destroyed and everyone went to lunch.